21st Nikkan Sports Film Awards

On Wednesday, the winners of the 21st Nikkan Sports Film Awards and the Yujiro Ishihara Award were announced. The biggest victor was Yojiro Takita, earning Best Director for “Okuribito,” which also picked up the the prize for Best Picture.

SMAP’s Masahiro Nakai landed Best Actor for his performance in “Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai,” which opened last month. Best Actress went to Haruka Ayase for multiple films, including “ICHI.”

Masato Sakai (“Climber's High”) won Best Supporting Actor, while Yui Natsukawa (“Aruitemo Aruitemo”) won Best Supporting Actress. Teen actress Kaho earned Best Newcomer for her lead role in “Utatama,” and “No Country for Old Men” was named Best Foreign Film.

“Climber’s High” (directed by Masato Harada) also picked up the Yujiro Ishihara Award. The Yujiro Ishihara Newcomer Award was given this year to Shota Matsuda for his performance in “Ikigami.”

Nikkan Sports is also running a vote-based set of Fan Awards for Best Picture and Best Foreign Film. Fans have already voted on the top ten movies for this year’s first and second halves, which will combine to form the pool of 20 nominees for the overall awards. “Kurosagi” and “Hana Yori Dango Final” were the two leaders in the domestic film category. Voting is currently under way until December 10 for the overall awards.

Nikkan Sports

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