AV actress, tennis pro arrested for drugs

Former adult actress Risa Coda has been arrested for drug possession. The 22-year-old Coda, whose real name is Arisa Kikuchi, is being charged with possession of marijuana and stimulants. Also facing charges is her boyfriend, 27-year-old tennis pro Joji Miyao.

Coda was arrested after police found a small amount of drugs – 0.027 grams of stimulants and about 0.7 grams of marijuana – in her Tokyo apartment. During questioning, Coda stated that she had bought the marijuana because her boyfriend enjoyed it and they were planning to use it together, which implicated Miyao. He was summoned in for questioning as well, and later was arrested for joint possession of the marijuana. Both Coda and Miyao have reportedly admitted to the charges.

Investigators said that Coda and Miyao met in May 2007 but only started dating this past September. Since then, Miyao has reportedly been spending 4-5 nights a week at Coda’s apartment, and she has been supplying the both of them with marijuana.

Coda was a popular AV star before she left the industry in February of this year. Since then, she has been working at a high-class cabaret club in Roppongi, though she it seems she was also aiming to become a mainstream talento. She said that she started doing stimulants around August 2007, though she has only been purchasing in very small quantities at a time from a Japanese dealer. She apparently started using the drugs after breaking up with her previous boyfriend. Miyao stated that he was unaware that Coda was also doing stimulants.

Shortly after Miyao mentioned to her that he liked smoking marijuana, she bought a gram from the same dealer for Miyao to use. He reportedly has only smoked twice at Coda’s apartment so far, and on one of those occasions Coda began smoking it with him.

Police are continuing their investigation, as they believe it is very likely that Miyao is a regular smoker, and they hope to find further evidence against him.

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