“Cafe Kichijoji de” to be adapted as daytime drama

The comedy story “Cafe Kichijoji de” is being adapted to television this fall. The show will be TV Tokyo’s first daytime drama series, and it will put talento Emiri Nakayama in her first starring role.

“Cafe Kichijoji de,” written by Yuki Miyamoto, originated in 1999 as a drama CD and a radio drama. After that, it was turned into a manga series, illustrated by Kyoko Negishi.

The story revolves around a colorful group of five good-looking men who work at a cafe. Their daily misadventures continually cause problems for their unfortunate manager. That character was a male in the original story, but has now been made into a female for the drama, played by Nakayama.

TV Tokyo will broadcast the series on weekdays at 11:50am, starting on September 29.

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