Cast revealed for Yamada Yoji’s “Tokyo Kazoku,” starring Sugawara Bunta

In December, director Yamada Yoji (“Otouto”) revealed that he is working on an homage to Ozu Yasujiro’s “Tokyo Story.” It is now known that the film’s lead actor will be Sugawara Bunta (77), whose last appearance in a movie was in “Battery” in 2007. He has not been the star of a movie since “Watashi no Grandpa” in 2003.

Titled “Tokyo Kazoku,” Yamada’s new film marks the 50th anniversary of his directing career. Like “Tokyo Story,” the movie will depict the relationship of a family in Tokyo, though Yamada’s version is set in the present day.

Sugawara plays the main character Hirayama Shukichi, while Ichihara Etsuko (75) plays his wife Tomiko. Their last appearance in a movie together was in the 1977 film “Yakuza Senso: Nihon no Don.”

The rest of the family are also being portrayed by prominent actors. Nishimura Masahiko (50) plays the oldest son who runs a hospital, and Natsukawa Yui (42) plays his wife. Muroi Shigeru (52) takes on the part of the oldest daughter who manages a beauty parlor, with Hayashiya Shozo (48) as her husband. Tsumabuki Satoshi (30) has been cast as the second son who works in stage art. Aoi Yu (25) plays his girlfriend.

Filming will start on April 1 and is expected to last until late June. Yamada aims to have the post-production complete by early September, in time for a nationwide release in the winter.


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