Charts: B’z passes Matsutoya with 22nd number-one

Rock band B'z now has another reason to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Their latest collection, “B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure,” went on sale last week and sold 560,000 copies to become their 14th consecutive #1 (counting original and non-original albums). It is their 22nd overall, which now places them ahead of Yumi Matsutoya for the all-time record.

B’z already holds the records for total album sales, total single sales, most #1 singles, most million-selling albums, and most million-selling singles.

BUMP OF CHICKEN’s B-side collection “present from you” earned the #2 spot with 148,000 in sales. Meanwhile, the bottom of the top 10 this past week featured new releases from MEG (#8), Jun Shibata (#9), and AAA (#10).

Johnny's Jimusho racked up another #1 on the singles chart with Tegomass’ “Ai Ai Gasa,” which sold 90,000 copies. They had little competition for the week, facing only a handful of new songs by DOES (#3), Korean group SS501 (#4), Dragon Ash (#7), and the combination of Revo and Yuki Kajiura (#10).


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