Charts: KAT-TUN, GReeeeN still hot

KAT-TUN’s third album, “KAT-TUN III -QUEEN OF PIRATES-,” came out last week and sold 240,000 copies, firmly landing the group at the top of the charts. They now have reached 10 consecutive number-ones (counting singles and albums), making them the 4th group to do so after Hikaru Genji, KinKi Kids, and NEWS.

Another big release this past week was the first soundtrack for the “Macross Frontier” anime series, with music done by top composer Yoko Kanno. It sold nearly 72,000 copies to rank #3, becoming the first anime soundtrack album to enter the top three since “The End of Evangelion” in 1997.

The Top 10 also included new albums by MINMI (#2), BEAT CRUSADERS (#4), Ryu Si-won (#7), Weezer (#9), and ET-KING (#10).

In the singles chart, GReeeeN’s “Kiseki” could not be budged from its #1 spot, selling another 73,000 copies to narrowly hold Tackey & Tsubasa’s “Koiuta / PROGRESS” at #2 (69,000 copies).

LM.C came in at #3, followed in order by Shota Shimizu, BoA, Kou Shibasaki, and Kome Kome Club. Tortoise Matsumoto was also able to barely make the Top 10 with a new solo release.


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