Erika Toda to play “Oarai” heroine

The female lead of Yuichi Fukuda’s upcoming film “Oarai ni mo Hoshi wa Furu Nari” has finally been revealed. The movie was first mentioned in April, though only the main male cast was revealed at the time.

The comical story revolves around seven quirky men competing for the affection of one “madonna.” The madonna is now known to be actress Erika Toda (20), who said that this was her first time filming where she was the only female.

As previously revealed, the seven men in the story will include Takayuka Yamada as a misunderstood stalker. The other characters are a shark maniac (Yusuke Yamamoto), a seeker of infidelity (Tsuyoshi Muro), a high-strung idiot (Yu Koyanagi), a wimp who never succeeds (Shunya Shiraishi), a “choiwaru oyaji” (Jiro Sato), and a divorced lawyer (Ken Yasuda).

The movie is scheduled to open in November. Meloride is providing the theme song, titled “Koko ni Aru.”

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