Former Johnny’s Jr. arrested for pachinko theft

Kazuki Matsumoto (26), a former Johnny's Jr. idol, has been arrested along with three other people on charges of theft. They are suspected of stealing more than 10 million yen worth of pachinko balls from a parlor in Kasukabe, Saitama.

Matsumoto, who was part of Johnny’s Jr. from his second year in junior high until his second year in high school, began working at a pachinko parlor in Kasukabe in January 2007. On the night of Christmas Day last year, he and three other employees are said to have stolen roughly 3,300 pachinko balls from a machine, and they later later exchanged them for 8,000 yen, which they equally split. However, they are actually suspected of pocketing balls since January 2008, adding up to over 10 million yen worth of pachinko balls.

The four suspects have reportedly admitted to the Christmas Day theft, but police are still investigating the 10 million yen claim.

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