Fumie Hosokawa married, pregnant, retiring

Talento Fumie Hosokawa, 36, intends to retire from show business, it was learned on Wednesday. She got married at the start of this month and is currently pregnant, due to give birth in early January. In the words of one close friend, Hosokawa has “chosen happiness as a woman rather than as a celebrity.”

Hosokawa’s husband is 44-year-old real estate businessman Hisato Endo. In April, the pair made headlines when a tabloid caught pictures of them holding a wedding in Saipan, even though Endo had a wife. Hosokawa denied their relationship at the time, saying that the event was just for a photobook she was planning to release.

As it turns out, the two were really dating. Endo got a divorce in September, then he and Hosokawa registered their marriage on November 1. They are already living together in Tokyo.

Hosokawa plans to release her last photobook on December 10, titled “saipan Truth.” It will include pictures of her wedding ceremony with Endo in April.

Meanwhile, Endo is currently the defendant in an ongoing court case. According to the allegations, in August, Endo forcibly took another Japanese man to the Banzai Cliff tourist spot in Saipan and beat him.

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