Hiro Mizushima wins literary prize with debut novel

On Sunday, Poplar Publishing announced the winners of its 5th Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction. The winning novel, titled “KAGEROU,” is the debut work of a young man named Tomohiro Saito, who was revealed to be actor Hiro Mizushima (26).

Mizushima, whose real name is Tomohiro Saito, originally submitted the novel under the pen name Satoshi Saito. According to the publisher’s website, it was chosen for the Grand Prize from a pool of 1,285 entries. Although the contents of the novel have not yet been made public, he is expected to talk about it when he attends the award ceremony on Monday, November 1.

Mizushima left his management agency in September to focus on a writing career. At that time, Mizushima had already submitted his novel to the contest, which had a deadline at the end of June.

Expectations are now high for Mizushima’s writing career. His wife, Ayaka (22), has indicated that Mizushima’s creative activities will not be limited to novels, so it is possible that he may even decide to adapt “KAGEROU” into a movie or a play at some point in the future.

Established in 2005, the Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction awards 20 million yen to its Grand Prize winner, the highest of all the literary prizes in Japan. Its focus is on “entertainment fiction,” and both professionals and amateurs are welcome to apply.

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