Ichimura Masachika, Shishido Kai, Kitamura Kazuki play Romans in “Thermae Romae” live-action movie

Image from: Mantan Web

A few more cast members of the “Thermae Romae” live-action movie have been revealed. Lead actor Abe Hiroshi is being joined by Ichimura Masachika, Shishido Kai, and Kitamura Kazuki, and the movie’s studio has released visuals of the four men as ancient Romans, taken during filming on the movie’s open set in Cinecitta in Rome.

It was previously revealed this past spring that Abe is starring with Ueto Aya in the movie, which is based on a critically acclaimed manga by Yamazaki Mari. Abe stars as Lucius, a bath house architect in ancient Rome who slips through time to modern Japan, where he finds inspiration for bath house designs. Ueto plays Mami, a young woman aiming to become a manga artist.

Ichimura has been cast as Hadrian, the 14th Emperor of the Roman Empire. Kitamura plays Ceionius, a potential successor to the throne. Shishido has been given the role of Antoninus, a close associate of Hadrian who later succeeded him as Emperor.

“Thermae Romae” opens in theaters in 2012.

Mantan Web

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