Idoling’s Tonooka leads live-action “Abashiri Family”

Go Nagai’s manga “Abashiri Ikka” (“The Abashiri Family”) is being turned into a live-action picture titled “Abashiri Ikka THE MOVIE.” Teruyoshi Ishii has been tapped to direct the film, while Idoling!!! member Erika Tonooka has been cast in the starring role.

The gag manga was originally serialized between 1969 and 1973, before Nagai became famous for works such as “Devilman,” “Mazinger Z,” and “Cutie Honey.” The comic revolved around an infamous family of gangsters whose most powerful member, Kikunosuke, is actually a girl.

In the movie, a great war has resulted in the Abashiri family being implanted with “violence suppression chips” and confined to a region of Japan designated for villains. Kikunosuke (played by Tonooka), who has no memory of her past, leads life as a student at Paradise School. However, a plot by the school’s principal triggers the revival of the Abashiri family.

Other members of the family are being played by comedians Ijiri Okada (as Goemon) and Nabeyakan (as Kichiza). The movie opens on November 21.

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