LUNA SEA announces free Tokyo Dome concert and more

Reunited rock band LUNA SEA is currently in the middle of their world tour, which will end with two shows at Tokyo Dome on December 23 and 24. On Tuesday, they announced a Christmas surprise: they will also be performing at Tokyo Dome on December 25, but tickets will be given away for free.

The free concert is titled “LUNACY Kurofuku Gentei GIG the Holy Night.” This is a reference to the band’s former name (LUNACY), as well as the name of three “Kurofuku Gentei GIG” (black clothes only) shows that they held during their indie days. This concert will follow the same dress code.

The band has started accepting applications for tickets through their official website. 50,000 lucky fans will be invited.

LUNA SEA also announced that they have moved to record label Avex as of December 1. Their first studio-recorded release with Avex will be “LUNA SEA,” a self-cover of their first album of the same title, originally released on an independent label in 1991. The album is set for release on March 16, 2011.

LUNA SEA’s new website has a few other announcements. One is that their December 4 concert at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles will be filmed in 3D. The footage will be shown in theaters in Japan in 2011, though no specific dates have been announced yet.


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