m.o.v.e teams up with Ryuichi Kawamura, Sugizo to provide “Gakudori” theme song

Musical group m.o.v.e is collaborating with LUNA SEA members Ryuichi Kawamura and SUGIZO to provide a theme song for the upcoming movie “Gakudori,” scheduled to open in theaters in spring 2011. Their song will be called “oveRtaKerS,” and will feature Kawamura on vocals and SUGIZO on guitar.

m.o.v.e is well-known for doing several popular anime theme songs, including some for the series “Initial D.” Like “Initial D,” “Gakudori” focuses on the car racing scene.

“Gakudori” is an abbreviation of “Gakusei Drift,” a student-only competition organized by automobile magazine Drift Tengoku. That competition is the central setting for the film, which tells the story of three young students aiming for the top. The three stars are “Kamen Rider Double” actor Minehiro Kinomoto (21), actor Kazuki Kato (26), and fashion model and actress Aoi Miura (20).

The “oveRtaKerS” song has not been given a release date yet.


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