Maki Goto starts anew with Avex

On Thursday, Avex officially confirmed rumors that the company has signed former Morning Musume member Maki Goto. The singer has been inactive for the past several months, ever since she left Hello! Project amid the scandal caused by her brother’s arrest in October for multiple counts of theft.

When she left Hello! Project, Goto had said that she was planning to shed the idol image that she cultivated there, instead aiming to develop a career as a serious music artist. In March, she reopened her blog during a month-long stay in Los Angeles, where she took up voice training and dance lessons.

Avex recognized Goto’s potential, and after a series of discussions, the singer completely left Up-Front Agency, making Avex her new management agency and record label. She is now connected with the R&B-heavy sublabel rhythm zone. Although nothing definite has been scheduled yet for Goto, she is expected to be back in action soon.

Goto’s new website has already gone live.

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