Manabu Oshio aims overseas

Actor and singer Manabu Oshio is looking to refresh his career. It was announced on Thursday that he has now signed a contract with Avex’s management division, joining other talents like Shido Nakamura, Koyuki, and recent addition Yu Darvish.

Oshio has been unsigned since leaving Ken-on in December 2005, and in late 2006 he married actress Akiko Yada, whose career took a dive after her clean image was tarnished by her association with the bad boy Oshio. The couple had their first child last November.

According to Avex, negotiations started in February. Having previously lived in Los Angeles for eight years as a child, Oshio has been looking to expand his career internationally, and he approached Avex himself due to the company’s overseas efforts.

Oshio’s contract with the company officially started on Thursday, though no new work projects have been revealed yet for the actor.

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