MARIA to disband due to drummer’s illness

The all-girl pop band MARIA is breaking up in April. According to an announcement on their official website, the group decided to disband due to drummer TATTSU’s health.

Around the spring of 2009, TATTSU began experiencing numbness in her arm. She was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, and her doctor advised her to stop straining herself before the disorder progresses beyond recovery. The band discussed it with their staff for half a year, eventually deciding to end their activities this April, when the record contract is set to expire. Even though it was suggested that the band should replace TATTSU with another drummer, the six members refused the idea.

MARIA includes bassist/vocalist MAIKO, formerly of the pop group ZONE. The band formed in 2005 (shortly after ZONE’s breakup) and they made their debut the following year with the hit single “Chiisana Uta.” Their last concert is scheduled for April 3 at Akasaka Blitz.


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