Miki Fujimoto wins defamation case

On Friday, the Tokyo District Court ruled in favor of singer Miki Fujimoto (24) and her older brother, who had filed a defamation lawsuit against Shukan Shincho publisher Shinchosha.

An issue of the Shukan Shincho magazine published in November 2007 ran a headline declaring that Fujimoto was extorting money from her ex-boyfriend. The article inside the issue claimed that Fujimoto’s older brother had made the boyfriend pay a total of 20 to 30 million yen.

Fujimoto’s lawyer sought damages of 40 million yen and a published apology. The presiding judge ruled against Shinchosha, explaining that there was insufficient evidence to support the magazine’s accusations. Shinchosha was ordered to pay only 4 million yen in damages.

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