Nakamaru lands first lead drama role

KAT-TUN member Yuichi Nakamaru will play the starring role in a drama series for the first time. He has been cast in TBS’s “RESCUE: Tokubetsu Koudo Kyuujotai,” which will air on Saturdays at 7:56pm, starting in January.

Nakamaru plays a young firefighter aiming to become part of a special rescue team, inspired by an incident in which he was saved as a child. The series will be filmed in collaboration with an actual rescue squad in Yokohama.

Takahisa Masuda of NEWS is playing a cadet on the rescue team. Both he and Nakamaru are undergoing physical training for their roles. Other supporting cast members include Yusuke Yamamoto, Jun Kaname, Ryo Ishibashi, and Ken Ishiguro.

Sports Hochi

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