Nanami Sakuraba cast as heroine in new Chushingura flick

A few weeks ago, it was learned that Warner Bros. is producing a Japanese film titled “Saigo no Chushingura,” directed by Shigemichi Sugita. More details have been revealed, including the choice of Nanami Sakuraba (17) as the heroine.

As previously reported, the film takes place long after the Forty-seven Ronin achieve their revenge. Although they were later sentenced to commit seppuku, starring actors Koji Yakusho (53) and Koichi Sato (48) play two ronin who survive the incident and eventually run into each other 16 years later.

Sakuraba has been cast as Kane, the illegitimate child of the Forty-seven Ronin’s leader Oishi Kuranosuke (Nizaemon Kataoka) who was secretly raised by Yakusho’s character, Seo Magozaemon. One of the plot points is a proposed marriage between Kane and a wealthy merchant’s son (Koji Yamamoto).

Other cast members are Narumi Yasuda (42), Yoshi Oida (76), and Masato Ibu (60). Filming started on November 8. The movie is scheduled for release in early 2011.

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