New details emerge as Oshio case unfolds

As police continue their investigation of the Manabu Oshio case (see original article), news sources are reporting various pieces of information that have come to light, though there are some conflicting details among them.

Oshio acknowledged that the woman found dead was an acquaintance, but it appears that she was in fact a popular hostess working at an upscale club in Ginza. Before that, she used to work at a “kyabakura” in Kabukicho, then switched to a club in Roppongi. Oshio is said to have first met her as a customer between one and two years ago, at either the Roppongi club or the Ginza club. It is also said that the manager of the Ginza club claims to know nothing about the woman or Oshio.

On the night in question, building cameras captured Oshio and the woman entering the apartment together. Oshio says the woman went to the bedroom because she was not feeling well, but her body later became stiff, prompting Oshio to call his manager and leave the scene.

The apartment involved is a 1LDK with a monthly rent of about 400,000 yen. Reports say that the apartment was being rented by the president of a lingerie company (rumored by some to be PEACH JOHN founder Mika Noguchi). Oshio claimed that she told him he could use the apartment freely, and clarified that she had been renting it for years under her own name and not the company’s. He also indicated that there are several such apartments being rented and used as “play spots,” suggesting that there may be more celebrities eventually linked to this incident.

Police are conducting searches of those apartments for more information about the case. They have already checked Oshio’s apartment in Kawasaki, though no more illegal drugs were found. Police still plan to send Oshio to the public prosecutor on Wednesday.

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