Ninomiya plays killer in “Strangers on a Train”

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya will be performing in his first stage play in four years. He has been given the starring role in “Strangers on a Train” (“Mishiranu Joukyaku”), opening this summer.

The play is based on the popular novel of the same name, which was turned into a film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951. The suspenseful story tells of a wealthy young man named Bruno who happens to meet an up-and-coming architect named Guy during a train ride. They each have their own difficult personal circumstances, and Bruno proposes that they “exchange” murders – Bruno will kill Guy’s unfaithful wife if Guy kills Bruno’s father.

Robert Allan Ackerman, who has handled several Broadway productions, will produce the play. Ninomiya has been cast as the wild and devilish Bruno, while Kumiko Akiyoshi plays his mother. Shige Uchida is also part of the cast. Coincidentally, Akiyoshi previously played Ninomiya’s mother in the 2003 movie “Ao no Hono,” which also featured Ninomiya as a killer, though under different circumstances.

“Strangers on a Train” is being performed at The Globe Tokyo from July 18 to August 11.

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