Police issue arrest warrant for Noriko Sakai

The search for singer/actress Noriko Sakai (38) continues, but on Friday, it was revealed that she is now being sought for arrest. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Sakai, suspecting her of possession of the illegal stimulants that her husband, Yuichi Takaso (41), was arrested for earlier this week.

Takaso was arrested on Monday, and Sakai has been missing since then. Their 10-year-old son, who was also reported missing, was found safe on Thursday night. He had been left by Sakai in the care of a friend in Tokyo.

As of Friday, police conducted a search of Sakai and Takaso’s home, and they confiscated a small amount of the drug that was found there. Based on Takaso’s testimony and other evidence, police now believe it likely that Sakai was knowingly in possession of the substance and may have been using it.

During the early hours of Monday, August 3, a Shibuya policeman on patrol stopped Takaso for questioning, who was walking on the street. The officer discovered that Takaso was concealing a small bag in his underwear and, after learning that the bag contained drugs, placed Takaso under arrest.

Sakai had been called by phone and arrived at the scene in a car, along with a male acquaintance. She apparently attempted to explain to the officer that the bag contained medicine, but once the cop discovered the drugs and arrested Takaso, Sakai broke into tears.

Sakai was asked to voluntarily go to the police station as well, but she refused. She also refused to take a urine test. She then left with the other man, saying that she was going to leave her son with someone. Since then, Sakai has been missing, but a search request was later filed, apparently by Takaso’s mother. Police are currently looking for Sakai around Yamanashi, where the signal from her cell phone was last detected.

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