Saki Fukuda stars in “Maid Deka” drama

Yuji Hayami’s light novel series “Maid Deka” is being adapted into a television drama next season. The show will star teen actress Saki Fukuda (18) in her first detective role.

The novels, which have also been adapted to manga, center around Aoi Wakatsuki, a “moe”-type maid working on a wealthy Osaka estate. In reality, though, she is an undercover detective sent by the police on a special mission to investigate a suspect.

The show is said to be somewhat of an homage to the “Sukeban Deka” movie from the ’80s. Fukuda commented that while she has not seen it before, her mother apparently named Saki after that story’s main character because she wanted a child with a strong sense of justice.

Fukuda’s colleagues will be played by Ryuji Harada and Koji Matoba. The show will air on TV Asahi starting in July, occupying the Friday 11:15pm time slot.

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