Shinsei Kamattechan movie details revealed

Rising rock band Shinsei Kamattechan is appearing in a new movie from director Yu Irie, and more details about the project have now been released. Titled “Gekijoban Shinsei Kamattechan Rock 'n' Roll wa Naritomanai,” the film will begin advance screenings at three theaters in Tokyo on April 2.

Irie is best known for his 2009 movie “SR: Saitama Rappers” and its 2010 sequel “SR: Saitama Rappers 2.”

The new movie features an original script by Irie, using Shinsei Kamattechan’s music as the motif. The plot mainly takes place in a one-week span leading up to one of the band’s big concerts, and it is told from various characters’ points of view.

Actress and model Fumi Nikaido (16) is billed as the star of the film. She plays a high schooler named Michiko who aims to become a professional shogi player, though she feels anxiety over the gap between her and the typical high school students around her. A dilemma arises when her boyfriend invites her to Shinsei Kamattechan’s concert, which is at the same time as her championship match in an amateur shogi tournament.

Adult actress Kurumi Morishita (31) will make her big screen debut in the film, playing a single mother named Kaori who works a cleaning job during the day and as a pub dancer at night. Tatsuya Sakamoto plays her young son Ryota, a Shinsei Kamattechan fan, who ends up causing trouble at his day care center.

Naturally, the four members of Shinsei Kamattechan will be playing themselves. So will their manager, Mikito Tsurugi, whose role in the film has him simultaneously dealing with the band’s major label debut and a frustrating new boss.

The movie is scheduled to open in theaters nationwide sometime this spring.


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