Sho Aikawa becomes “Insect Detective”

Daichi Aozora’s gag manga “Konchu Tantei Yoshida Yoshimi” (“Insect Detective Yoshimi Yoshida”) is being turned into a live-action movie, directed by Sakichi Sato.

Lead actor Sho Aikawa (48), better known for countless yakuza roles in V-Cinema, will tackle the role of the titular detective Yoshida, who can communicate with insects and cooperates with them to solve cases in the insect world.

Aikawa himself is a bug enthusiast, keeping his own collection of insects at home. After being introduced to the manga last year, he took an immediate interest and suggested a film adaptation to a producer he is friends with.

Filming started in September in the Niigata prefecture. The insects appearing in the movie are said to be real, with almost no computer-generated animation being used.

“Konchu Tantei Yoshida Yoshimi” is planned for a spring 2010 release.

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