SMAP schedules Shanghai Stadium shows

SMAP has announced at their Sapporo Dome concert that they will be going to Shanghai after all. They have scheduled concerts at Shanghai Stadium on October 9 and 10, which will be their first overseas performances.

SMAP was originally expected to perform at the Shanghai World Expo on June 13, but the event was canceled by the Expo organizers due to poor planning and concerns about safety. At the time of the cancellation, SMAP apologized to their fans but indicated that they hoped to have another opportunity to perform in China. Because the Shanghai World Expo concert was canceled just a week before the event, SMAP had already begun rehearsals, including practicing greetings in Chinese.

However, the Shanghai Stadium concerts were not scheduled to make up for the canceled show. It is reported that SMAP was originally planning the concerts at the same time that preparations for the World Expo were under way.

Shanghai Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in China, with a maximum seating capacity of about 80,000 people. It appears that SMAP is planning to have only about 40,000 fans at each concert, for a total of 80,000 over the two days.

In addition to the concerts in China, SMAP is considering holding shows in other Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Sankei Sports

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