SMAP’s Shanghai concert faces possible cancellation

SMAP is scheduled to perform their first overseas concert at the Shanghai World Expo on June 13, but it is being reported that the Expo organizers are considering changes to the event, including canceling it altogether.

On May 30, a concert featuring popular Korean artists was held at the Expo Cultural Center. Thousands of fans who were unable to get in began acting violently, resulting in police involvement and many injuries. Due to concerns that the SMAP event could lead to similar chaos, Expo organizers are looking at possible countermeasures.

At the moment, the concert tickets will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis on the day of the event, which was the same method used for the Korean concert on May 30. The Expo is considering changing the ticket distribution to a lottery system, as well as increasing security. Another option is said to be a complete cancellation of the event, though Johnny's Jimusho says they have not heard that option being discussed at this stage.

UPDATE: Shanghai World Expo has officially announced that the event is canceled.

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