“SP” movie split into two parts

Fans of the “SP” drama series, starring Junichi Okada (29) of V6, have been waiting a long time for the theatrical film version, titled “SP THE MOTION PICTURE.” It has now been announced that the film will actually be split into two parts, with the first one scheduled for this fall.

The action-packed drama originally aired in 2007-2008, followed by a special episode in April 2008. Around the time of the special episode, it was revealed that a movie version was in the works, but it ended up being delayed until this fall. After 8 months of filming, the project is finally coming to a close.

Although the two films are collectively known as “SP THE MOTION PICTURE,” each will have its own subtitle. The first film is labeled as “Yabou-hen” and is due in theaters on October 30. The second will be “Kakumei-hen,” scheduled for release in spring 2011.

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