Tatsuya Egawa directs “KING GAME”

Mangaka Tetsuya Egawa (“Golden Boy,” “Magical Taruruto-kun”) has completed work on his second film as a director. Titled “KING GAME,” the movie is an original work written by Egawa.

Egawa’s directorial debut was the 2006 film “Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari,” adapted from his manga of the same name. However, “KING GAME” is not an adaptation – from the start, he intended the piece to be a theatrical film.

“KING GAME” focuses on a group of 10 men and women gathered together in a sealed room and forced to play the popular party game known as “ousama game” (“king’s game”). Each of the strangers has been brought there by a secret contract. As their game goes on, they reach their limits and reveal their true natures, giving way to lust and violence.

The cast features some well-known names, including Takuya Ishida (23) in the starring role and Sei Ashina (26) as the heroine. Yoshino Kimura, Shunsuke Kubozuka, Ai Maeda, Keisuke Horibe, Koji Yamamoto, Nana Natsume, Jai West, Chiaki Sato, Yukie Kawamura, and Jerry Fujio round out the cast.

“KING GAME” will be distributed by Phantom Film. Nationwide theatrical release is scheduled for August 28.


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