Tohan publishes 2007 best-seller list

On Tuesday, Tohan announced its list of the best selling books of 2007 (sales data was aggregated from December to November). The #1 book this year is Mariko Bando’s “Josei no Hinkaku,” which aims to show working women how to maintain their dignity.

The #2 book is “Homeless Chugakusei,” an autobiography by Kirin comedian Hiroshi Tamura. It has skyrocketed to popularity since its release a little more than three months ago.

Junichi Watanabe’s “Dokanryoku” is ranked third. The #1 book of 2006, Masahiko Fujiwara’s “Kokka no Hinkaku,” dropped to 11th.

Several mobile phone novels became best-sellers in book form this year. “Koizora” ranked 10th, and the top 20 included “Akai Ito” and “Moshimo Kimi ga.”

Meanwhile, the “Pokemon” franchise spawned three different best-selling guides for “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.” The books ranked 8th, 9th, and 16th.

The complete top 20 is available on the Tohan website.


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