X Japan involved in another lawsuit

More details have emerged regarding the impending lawsuit between Japan Music Agency (the management office of X Japan’s Yoshiki) and Headwax Organization (the management office of X Japan’s late guitarist Hide). It was learned several days ago that Headwax plans to seek an injunction against X Japan’s use of Hide’s likeness unless they fulfill their contractual obligations, and now Yoshiki has declared that he may file a countersuit if that happens.

X Japan has previously used images of Hide during their concerts. Most recently, X Japan performed two shows at Nissan Stadium on August 14-15.

Yoshiki informed the media on Thursday that Japan Music Agency (JMA) received a formal notice from Headwax on August 17. Headwax claims that the contract regarding the use of Hide’s likeness is invalid unless JMA completes its part of the arrangement. According to the statement, JMA owes 2 billion yen to Nexstar Corporation (X Japan’s former production company), while Nexstar owes 300 million yen to Headwax.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Yoshiki filed a lawsuit against Nexstar this past March, seeking roughly 375 million yen in unpaid revenue from 2008 and 2009. Sources say that the issue regarding Hide’s image started around that time, and that the matter picked up steam in early May, when an event for the 13th death anniversary of Hide was held.

Yoshiki and JMA publicly responded to Headwax’s notice, stating that if Headwax does follow through with a lawsuit, then there will likely be a counterclaim. Headwax said that their lawyer plans to release an official comment within the next few days.

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  • Alvinmelee

    I realize this is well over a year late, but I just found this site. I am floored that hide’s brother wants Four Million Dollars just for showing hide’s images at concerts? 

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