Yu Aoi stars in Yuki Tanada flick

Actress Yu Aoi will star in a new film directed and written by Yuki Tanada, titled “Hyakumanen to Nigamushi Onna.”

Aoi has recently gained attention for a string of supporting roles in movies such as “Hula Girl,” “Honey and Clover,” and “Rainbow Song.” However, this will be her first starring role since the 2005 “Niraikanai Kara no Tegami.”

Her character this time is a 21-year-old junior college graduate with no job and no friends. One day, an incident leads to her getting arrested and found guilty, leaving her with a criminal record. As a result, she flees from home and begins moving from town to town, briefly working part-time jobs as she works towards saving up one million yen.

Mirai Moriyama will co-star. Principal photography begins on the 15th. The movie will open in 2008.

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