Yuichi Kimura dating younger actress

Comedian Yuichi Kimura (46) is reportedly dating an actress 18 years younger than him. This week’s issue of Josei Seven claims that he is in a relationship with model Ryo Nishikata (28), who made her acting debut in “Nisesatsu,” Kimura’s first film as a director.

“Nisesatsu” opened in theaters on April 11. Naturally, Kimura and Nishikata both attended a stage greeting on opening day, and after the event, Kimura headed to a bar with some friends, where he met up with Nishikata.

Later on, past 2am in the morning, the pair were seen entering Kimura’s apartment. Nishikata didn’t leave the apartment until close to 3pm in the afternoon, though Kimura had already left for work in the morning. Nishikata did some shopping for food at a nearby store and returned to the apartment using a spare key.

A representative for Kimura at his agency Yoshimoto Kogyo declined to comment on his private affairs. Nishikata’s agency also offered no comment.

Kimura has already been married three times. His last marriage was with talento Emiri Henmi (32), whom he divorced in April 2008 after only two years.

Nishikata was previously working as a wall plasterer before she broke into show business a few years ago. She has mainly been active as a model, appearing in commercials and music videos.

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